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Debbie Millet Carroll - Team Praxis
Debbie in a lifting mode.

Praxis Gym is a hard core lifting facility and lifting team located in Salt Lake City. It is owned and operated by Debbie Millet Carroll who served as meet director for the 2014 Weightlifting National Championships last Summer. As we reported earlier, this event was generally considered the best ever nationals here in the U.S. The Utah lifters really put on a great meet with a beautiful venue and plenty of volunteers to make everything run smoothly.
I really like their approach to recovery as outlined below. It is simple, doable for anyone, and it really makes a huge difference in ongoing progress.
I recommend to all lifters and athletes who are serious about their progress..

Recovery is key to making progress.  Olympic lifters train hard and systematically in order to recover for improved strength and speed.

All athletes competing in the sport of Olympic weightlifting sign an agreement to comply with WADA regulations.

At Praxis, we do not use performance enhancing drugs.  We don't cycle on and off of them - we don't use the at all.  Period.  Ever.

This makes performance and recovery a challenge.  Working out day after day in a cold gym in the winter with nothing in your system but a big glass of water and a breakfast your mom would approve of is not for the weak.  It takes a lot of self discipline.  But it's possible.  It happens across the country in countless gyms day after day.

Here's what we do (in order of importance):

1. Sleep.  7-8 hrs a night. The hormonal response from a good night's sleep is critical. Growth hormone is released at night. 

2. Water.  Lots and lots of water. 

3. Protein.  Lots and lots of protein.  (avg. 1g per 2.5kg x bdywt per day)

4. Nutrition: The more seriously you take food, the better your lifts will be. Avoid sugar because of its inflammatory affects, eat broccoli and spinach by the handfuls.  Veggies of all diff colors, shapes, sizes and genders. 

5. Fish oil. Obscene amounts. (min 6 grams for younger lifters, 10 for older lifters or anyone struggling with inflammation. We're CRAZY)

6. Glutamine.  White powder from heaven. (5g before a workout, 10g after; add 5g extra before if the workout will be stressful and skip the preworkout if on a budget)

7. Multivitamin.  Every single day. 

8. Vitamin E.  800iu.  Yes that is double the daily allowance.  FDA bite me. 

9. Vitamin C. 2,000-3,000mg (antioxidant on the cellular level for stress from training)

10. Stretch. Post workout stretching. Spinal decompressions. 

11. Epsom Salt.  Soak in it.  Cold or hot.  Your choice.

12. Contrast Showers. The measure of a truly dedicated competitor. Only for the beasts and only when they are in beast-mode.

Supplement companies will sell to anyone who is willing to
 "drink the Coolaid". 

Be smart.  Train hard.  Recover clean.

Debbie Carroll
In a coaching mode.
the - gym - 1
A view of the Praxis Gym

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