Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Hero Twins, a Navajo Warrior Story

We post on a wide variety of topics here on our website. We try to promote anything that relates to the Warrior spirit and topics range from training in various forms, nutrition, psychology, equipment, knowledge, inspiration, humor, and a bunch of other things. In that vein, we highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to know the story of the Navajo Warrior Twins, Monster Slayer, and Born for Water. There are many lessons that can be gleaned from this legend. Beyond that, the illustrations are beautiful and the text is in both Navajo and English which makes it very interesting. It is available from Amazon books and/or the University of New Mexico press and is very reasonably priced. The illustrations alone are worth the price of the book. Nolan James is a multi-talented artist who also happens to be a friend and co-worker.
The Hero Twins tells the story of two brothers born to Changing Woman and trained by the Holy People to save their people from the naayéé', a race of monsters. But the naayéé' can't be beaten alone. Family and friends and wise mentors must lead any warrior down the good path toward victory. Colorful illustrations show the action as the twins seek out their father to receive the weapons they need to face the greatest monster of them all: Yé'iitsoh.
Told in Navajo, the Diné language, and English, this story exists in many versions, and all demonstrate the importance of thinking, patience, persistence, bravery, and reverence. These teachings still help the Diné--and everyone--find the harmony of a balanced and braver life.

This is the Warrior Spirit.

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