Thursday, April 23, 2015

Workout exercises for women in the 1940s :)

A fun look back. This old newsreel is a precursor to our present day "infomercials." I showed this to my students and thankfully they had a good laugh and have never had the experience of being told that weight training is harmful, will make you stiff, "musclebound", and cause females to become unable to have children, or that your muscles will all turn to fat when you get old.  It's hard to believe now, but those were some of the things that my generation were taught when we were young. Thank goodness we didn't listen and now it is only humorous to look back. I remember some of these "Spa" institutions existed into the 60's and 70's. The idea that passive movement can be effective is attractive. After all, who wouldn't like to just stand, sit, or better yet, lay down and have a machine do the work of shaping your body? The best thing about this video is that it reminds us of how far we have progressed in regards to exercise.

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