Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chinese Pull vs. Russian Pull

Guo Ryba

A great comparison of two lifting styles from http://exokineticssp.com/. the end result is that differences are really slight and obviously both work for the lifters using them.

2 more great high-speed videos from Hookgrip!  A 171 Kg snatch by Chinese -77Kg lifter Zhong Guoshun.  And, a 175 Kg snatch by Belarussian -85 Kg lifter Andrei Rybakov.  Some fans of Olympic Weightlifting will know that the internet reports a fundamental difference between the Russian style of pull and the Chinese style.  I see it as basically a slight difference in the tactics in the phase where the bar travels from the knee to the power position.  The Chinese may be more direct moving into the power position to get longer extension from a deeper power position.  Where the Russians are more latent, waiting and drawing the bar into the power position to get more whip and bar effect during extension.

Here are the videos:

After a computer analysis, it looks like the standard Chinese pull and the standard Russian pull produce, for any practical purpose, the same mechanics!

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