Monday, June 1, 2015

Brian Shaw

Nice video about Brian Shaw, an American strong man who has won the World's Strongest Man. Unless you have stood next to Brian, it's hard to imagine how massive he is. He is so well proportioned and even relatively lean so that he doesn't look as huge as he really is unless he is standing next to something to give some size perspective. He attended a strongman competition in Utah a year or so ago that my son Oliver was competing in. As I stood near him on the floor I was nearly overwhelmed by his sheer size. Around 6'7" or so and 415 lb.  That is two 200 pound men plus. This video discusses the road he took to get where he is. The height, of course, is something that you are blessed with or not. But he worked and ate long and hard to build the massive size with strength and power to go with it. Time will tell how long he will be able to sustain this before Mother Nature begins to take over and return things to the range of "normal" if there is such a thing.

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