Friday, June 5, 2015

Life After Sumo

Speaking of size and Mother nature....... here is an interesting clip about the adjustment of Sumo wrestlers after they retire, or in some cases, are forced to retire due to health issues. There are some athletes who must try to maximize their body mass to increase performance. Besides Sumo, these can include Superheavy class lifters, strongman competitors, throwers, American football lineman...etc. Most realize that this is a temporary condition and after their competitive years have ended, they reduce back to their "normal" bodyweight. Some examples that I have noted over the years include High Cassidy who was a world champion powerlifter at a bodyweight of around 300 lb. who reduced back to 198 lb. within a  year or so of his retirement. Al Feurbach, world record holder in the shotput, who was small for a world class thrower even when "bulked up," trimmed down a lot after his career.
Many other examples of a healthy transition could be cited. There is no getting around the need for mass in certain athletic pursuits. However, forcing your body to carry more mass than it was genetically programmed to will eventually lead to health problems if continued after the competitive career has ended. The wise athlete will have a plan for returning to the state that Mother nature had in mind for them.

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