Monday, December 14, 2015

BYU's living legend of Strength and Conditioning

Dr. Phillip Allsen is a legend at BYU
Dr. Allsen is a living legend. He is now over 80 years old and still teaching classes. More than that, he is an example of what he teaches, still working out regularly. He has influenced several generations including myself and most of my children as well. Dr Allsen is a professor of Exercise Sciences at Brigham Young University, a former college athlete and successful coach. He was inducted into the USA National Strength and Coaches Hall of Fame and also into the U.S. Army Sergeant Majors Hall of Fame. He has published countless articles and written 16 books, several of which are widely used text books on strength training. He was a major influence on Dr. Greg Shepard, the founder of Bigger, Faster, Stronger, when he was grad student at BYU.

Below is a tribute from Leif Arrhenius, a BYU graduate and world class throwing athlete written when he was taking a class from Dr. Allsen. He shares some of the great quotes that Dr. Allsen is famous for.
This semester I am taking a class entitled Problems in Exercise Prescription. It is a very interesting class and I must admit I have learned a lot. We have covered a broad spectrum of material including such topics as human anatomy, energy systems in the body, endurance training programs, beta oxidation, modified Russian strength programs, etc. We have actually covered a lot of material and it is fun to go and learn more. The class is designed to help people learn the proper way to set up training programs for Athletes. The class is taught by Phillip Allsen who has been a professor at BYU since my dad was in school. Ha! Oliver took this class last semester and my brother Niklas also took this class a couple of years ago. Even though I have learned a lot in the class, there are some things that are taught that I don't agree with and have my own ideas about. Oliver posted an article a couple of months ago about a problem he had with a certain lecture from this class. No matter what is being taught, it is always a joy to go to class just to listen to Dr. Allsen. This guy has some of the most funny sayings and quotes ever. It's also great because he shuts people down all the time with questions and his witty humor. Today in class I happened to write down some quotes that I liked and thought I would share.

"There are no dangerous lifts...only dangerous instructors."

"The road to success is paved with iron."

"Don't use too many exercises, strength training sessions should not last more than an hour."

"Think of training the TOTAL PACKAGE."

"If you spend too much time in the weight room, you will find the athlete will not have enough time and energy to do the work he needs."

"Would you go to a bald hairdresser to get your hair done? Would you go to a sick doctor to get a prescription? Would you go to an unfit trainer to get exercise training? Would you then go to a weak person to get strength advice from." ha ha

Dr. Allsen's Bio- http://hhp.byu.edu/about/member.php?id=2249
Leif Arrhenius representing Sweden in the Shot.

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