Thursday, April 21, 2016

Not Everybody Gets to Get Old

Doing a few pullups with the Marines.

It's true. If you are smart enough, tough enough, and with some luck, you will live long enough to get old. Physical decline is inevitable, but you can choose to either "wear out", or "rust out". If our focus is only the numbers, then the process can be discouraging and even depressing. I mean weights that I used to warm up with, feel heavy now. There are many lifting positions I can no longer hit without my knees, shoulders, or low back protesting. But, I persevere, and I am better for it. Paraphrasing Toby Keith,(if you don't know who Toby is, then you are culturally deprived and need to listen to more country music) "I am not as good as I once was", (Sorry Toby, but I'm not as good once, as I ever was either)But, I'm still better than I would otherwise be if I gave up. I no longer worry about the numbers I lift, but find joy in doing the movements.
Here are a few video segments that show some of the inspiring legends of my youth dealing with the aging process.

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