Thursday, June 9, 2016

What We See In the Best Weight Rooms

Something I found and modified. Just some commonsense parameters for those who like to train for real....
• Squats are walked out.
• Lift-offs are not given on the bench press.
• If you're going to overhead press, it will be done standing.
• No straps unless you are hurt or doing a hang variation of a lift.
• You don't debate about organic/non-organic, or about milk.
• Squats are done all the way down, thighs to calves ; this is assumed and are not called "Full Squats."
• No need for music or training partners or "the right atmosphere" to train hard.
• There are no 8-week plans, rather yearlong goals and decade long achievements.
• All you need is a rack, barbell, platform and some weights.
• You realize physical strength can develop mental and spiritual strength.
• You never fall for gimmicks; principles last forever.
Now there are quite a few more of these, but you get the picture. The point is this: training has become over run with people telling US how we need to think, how we need to train, and what is functional or even acceptable.
Don't bring your gimmicky elements onto my platform. And please, don't try to sell us on how hardcore you are or how dedicated to strength you are. Your lifts and your silence do more talking than your Internet chatter and bravado. And please, leave your lifting gloves at home.

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