Thursday, July 14, 2016

Do You Belong in a Weight Room?

A certain Republican Governor on his way to lift....(somewhere in New Jersey)
Top 10 signs you are a dweeb that does not belong in the weight room

Written by: Charles Poliquin

10. You slap each other across the face before you do your rotator cuff lifts.

9. You take your fat burners with your weight gainer shake

8. You chalk up your hands before leg curls

7. You wear a tank top at your sister’s wedding.

6. You yell “all yours” as your training partner begins doing crunches.

5. You think your thighs rub against each other because you squat so much…NOT, it is the Krispy Kremes and the xeno-estrogens from your moisturizer that got you there.

4. You do curls in the Smith Machine

3. Your squatting depth and technique portrait to us that what a penguin have a Grand Mal seizure would look like.

2. You and partner spot every set and reps, including the warm –ups..

And finally number one…
1. You go online between sets.

This guy belongs in the Gym!

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