Monday, July 25, 2016

Teaching Weightlifting to Athletes From Other Sports

In 2016, most athletes from almost any sport use the lifts in training.

In a post last week we talked about the Olympic lifts and how we felt about them as training tools. A good discussion followed. A couple of the comments made clear to me that two of the main obstacles that keep many coaches from implementing these lifts are the idea that it takes too much time and that they have too many athletes. I would like to put these two myths to rest. First, it doesn't have to take alot of time. Of course, if your goal is to develop high level competitive lifters this is a time consuming labor intensive task. But to get athletes from other sports to master the basics safely need not take more than a couple of sessions. In that same vein, it isn't that difficult to teach a large group of athletes togather at the same time. Of course that is not how to train champions lifters, but athletes can pick up the essential skills in this fashion. Below are 2 segments of a friend of mine, Mike Burgener, who is well known among lifting enthusiasts. His son, Casey,has been and is one of the top American lifters recently. Mike is a humble high school coach, recently retired, who now is heavily involved in the cross-fit craze as an instructor. These segments demonstrate how to teach large groups in a short time.A solid enough foundation can be developed in a few sessions which will allow your group to get started and then refine and develop their technique. I could explain in greater detail, but as the cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth ten thousand.Watch and learn from a master teacher and coach. Mike is not alone in doing this nor is this the only way to accomplish it. Many other coaches across the world are getting the job done. Tell me you don't like the lifts, fine. Tell me you don't know enough to teach them effectively, I say learn.Tell me you don't have the right equipment, I say find a way. But don't tell me you don't have enough time or that you have too many athletes. I won't accept that lame excuse. Below that is a clip of the Houston Track Team doing some credible lifts.

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