Thursday, August 25, 2016

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John Haack, Powerlifter, World Champion  83 kg. class.
Yesterday I received the e-mail below from our school librarian......

"Good morning,

I just sent this link to Gabriel Atene and he thought you would like to see it.  It's my youngest brother at the 2016 IPF World Powerlifting Championship."

Pretty cool. Although I have known and interacted with her for quite a few years, I had no idea that she had a brother who competed in Powerlifting, let alone was a world class lifter. Especially impressive is the fact that he is doing it without all the "gear" that we see so many "powerlifters" using these days. Great to see and awesome lifting technique. No extreme wide squat stance, excessive back arch, or sumo style. Just straight forward strong. My hat is off to him. Great job.

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