Monday, August 8, 2016

Usain Bolt's Agent Confirms the Sprinter Has Never Run a Mile

Usain Bolt's Agent Confirms the Sprinter Has Never Run a Mile

This falls under the category of stating the obvious, but is a great illustration of specificity of training that may be useful in teaching young people who don't get the differences. When I was much younger, we were all taught that running was running and any type of running was good. Our coaches timed us in the 2 mile run on the first day of practice to see who was in shape. It seemingly never occurred to any of us that running that speed on the field would be unacceptable that we were really just practicing running slow. Anyway, in 2016, most coaches and athletes know much more than we did. Although there are still a few ignorant individuals out there who waste a lot of time and energy working hard at things that don't make them better.

Since his several record-breaking performances in 2008, Usain Bolt has owned the track.

Well, parts of it, that is.

Despite the six-time Olympic gold medalist's dominance in the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes, he has never once attempted four trips around the track—or in other words, a mile.

Unbelievable as it may be, the discovery comes directly from the sprinter's agent, Ricky Simms, who summarized the scoop to the New Yorker's Charles Bethea by stating, "Usain has never run a mile."

But perhaps it's best to leave Bolt's 1,600-meter run as a dream, after all.

"Speed over short distances does not automatically guarantee relative speed over long distances," said Ross Tucker, an exercise physiology professor at University of the Free State, per Bethea.

So the world's fastest man may very well be mortal when confronted with the mile?

Now that seems like a fantasy.

[The New Yorker, h/t For The Win]

You don't get to be the World's Fastest Man by putting in miles.

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