Thursday, August 11, 2016

What Do You Think of Crossfit?

It seems that I get asked this question more and more often. I don't think any one involved in athletic training of any type has not at least heard of Cross Fit. It is the latest fitness trend and seems to be sweeping the world. For a quick summary, Crossfit combines lifting with calesthetics and bodyweight expercises as well as strongman type training with various implements like tires and sleds. It is a continous circuit type of workout where different expecises are done with minimal recovery in between. In fact, the point is to lower the time it takes to do various circuits. Do I like it? Yes, and no. How's that for a PC answer? Seriously, I think the good things about it are:
1. It has gotten alot of people excited about fitness.
2. It is intense and simple. I like that. No gimmicks or promises of quick and easy results.
3. It has done more to introduce people to real weightlifting in the U.S. than USA Weightliftng has.
4. If you get in soon on the ground floor,and know what you are doing, you can make some honest money off of it.
There are also some things I don't like about it:
1. It is a hybrid of aerobic and strength training and doesn't really result in maximum results in either.
2. Exercise technique is often very sloppy. I see too many round backed pulls and dangerous positions that will eventually result in injury.
3. I don't like to see lifts like snatches and cleans done for high reps for the same reason. it promotes sloppy form and runs a high risk of injury.
4. It may be too intense for Joe Average to stick with over a lifetime.
In short, I think CrossFit is great for military, police, fire fighters,..etc. For athletes......? perhaps wrestlers and mixed martial arts types of competitors. Obviously for serious lfters or track athletes, this is not the way to go. I kind of think of it like what we here in the U.S.A. call a Swiss Army knife. These are little gadgets that contain all kinds of blades and implements like screw drivers,scissors, saws,..etc. in one foldable knifelike implement. They are great for camping or survival situations. They can get the job done in an emergency. However a carpenter or mechanic would not use it for their specialized work. They would buy a real saw, file, or screwdriver and keep a toolbox that was designed for their specialty. Most athletes would be far better off doing strength training, skill training, and whatever aerobic fitness they may need separately. I don't see CrossFit as being a viable training tool for most serious athletes.

Here is an innovative CrossFit routine!! Wrestle a shark then carry him home.

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  1. CF has done for me what no other training program has done. Your observations are spot on in regards to both the pro's and con's. The "sloppy movement" issue can be rectified by scaling the weight or rep scheme.