Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who Would You Vote For?

William Wallace for President!!
Election day here in the United States is fast approaching and it is a very unusual and divisive campaign where many Americans (myself included) have trouble being enthusiastic about either choice.. At school this morning one of my students asked who I was voting for. I told them that I could only tell who I was not voting for for sure. (hint: he is an arrogant,  psychotic sociopath with a bad comb over) However, teacher that I am, I recognized a "teaching moment". I decided to share with them my wisdom in determining who is worthy of my vote. My formula, like me, is quite simple.
I never vote for anyone who:

Does half squats
Calls jogging a workout
Wears gloves in the weight room
Does bench press for the first exercise of their workout
Doesn't snatch
Does every lift in front of a mirror
Drinks diet pepsi with their Big Macs and large fries.

That's it. Unfortunately I don't find many highly qualified candidates.I told them that is why they need to train hard and smart so we can have leaders we can trust in the future.

I would never vote for this guy!!

I would vote for Dave Draper on the basis of his squat style. I'm not as sure about the guy next to him though.

Would I vote for Zygmunt Smalcerz? You bet! Of course only if he can produce a birth certificate that proves he was born in the United States.

Image result for morghan king weightlifting
Morghan King may be our best bet!

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