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How Much Water Should You Drink?

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Leif Arrhenius is a professional Swedish athlete competing in the shot put and discus throw. He represented his country at two World and three European Championships.

A great post from the past by Leif Arrhenius, an all-time BYU great thrower and teammate of Oliver. The information is, of course, still very relevant for anyone.  My experiences concur.

Here are a couple of articles and some thoughts on water consumption for athletes.

How much water should you drink?

by Charles Poliquin

Hydration is the greatest determinant of strength. A drop of 1.5% in water levels translates in drop of 10% your maximal strength. The leaner you are, the worse it is. Make sure you weigh the same or more at the end of your training session. High water levels = more sets & reps= greater changes. Have a great workout.

Here is how much you should drink:
0.6-0.7 ounces per pound of body weight
39 ml per kg of body weight.

Therefore, 120 to 140 ounces for a 200 lbs man.
3.55 to 4.14 liters for a 91 kg man.

A recent study showed that men drinking 5 glasses of water a day vs 2 glasses a day, had a 54% lower risk of dying of a heart attack.


Water is the most critical nutrient for life. Your body needs water for:

* Hydration. Strength training causes water loss through sweating. You’ll prevent dehydration by drinking enough water.
* Recovery. Your muscles needs water to recover from strength training. If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll limit your muscle gains.
* Digestion. You need 25g fiber per day for optimal digestion. But since fiber binds to water, it’s useless if you don’t drink enough water.
* Satiation. An empty stomach will make you think you’re hungry. Drinking water will fill your stomach and make you feel less hungry.
* And More. Water regulates your body’s temperature, prevents kidney stones, improves skin health, lubricates joints

According to http://build-muscle-gain-weight.com/ here are some of the other roles adequate water intake plays in relation to building muscle:

* Maintaining peak strength - Significant hydration will actually make you stronger. Even slight dehydration (3-4%) can decrease your strength by upwards of 15%. In order to maximize the intensity of your weight trainingWater needs of a bodybuilder workouts and break down as many muscle fibers as you can, it is important to be at your strongest each and every workout.

* Protecting the joints - Synovial fluid is the only form"lubrication" of the joints in your body. And guess what? It is comprised of mostly water. It is important that you are well hydrated so your body can produce all of the fluid it needs. If the body cannot produce enough synovial fluid due to chronic dehydration, you could be compromising your joints each time you workout.

* Aiding in digestion - Eating a well balanced muscle building diet will not help if your body can't properly digest the food you consume. Water helps the digestive system function, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients it needs to help your body recover from your workouts, and build muscle.

Now let's take it a step further and take a look at three symptoms of dehydration that will affect the progress of your muscle building program.

Here are the symptoms in no particular order:

1). Fatigue - This one is a no brainer. If your energy levels are low, your weight training workouts will suffer. You may not even feel like training at all!

2). Digestion Problems - You body will not have enough water to secrete as much digestive juices as it should, resulting in difficulty digesting foods. This will make it more difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

3) High or Low Blood Pressure - If the volume of water in the body is too low, it can lead to both high and low blood pressure. Both will make your weight training workouts difficult, and in some cases unsafe.

Drinking enough water is hard for most people. I have always found it hard to not only remember to drink lots of water but also to find time in a busy schedule to get around to it. I have found the easiest way for me is to carry around a water bottle with me wherever I go. I found the best bottles around Provo are found at a Buy Low Market but have also found some good ones at Walmart. The Bottles I like have a handle and our hold enough water so that I have a goal every school day to drink it all. I have also made goals to not drink any soda or juice when I go out to restaurants but instead order water. I have noticed the positive changes in my body when I get the correct amount of water I need and I know you will too.

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BYU Throwers circa 2010 or so. Oliver Whaley on the left. Leif in the middle and Danny Lawson on the right.

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