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Dr. Squat R.I.P.

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The Iron Game lost another legend last week. Fred Hatfield, universally known as Dr. Squat, passed on last Sunday. He was an amazing combination of physical and intellectual ability and by all accounts a great person as well. I never had the opportunity to meet him personally, but I have read hundreds of his articles and several of his books. He influenced my training and coaching a great deal. So far as I can tell, he coined the term "compensatory acceleration" which basically means move the bar as fast as possible. He was a promoter of POWER, (even writing a book by that title which I still have on my bookshelf) meaning increasing the rate of force development and shifting the force velocity curve. This really influenced me in my early years. He was an amazing lifter who started as a weightlifter under the legendary coach Joe Mills, then became a powerlifting legend after he squatted 1014 lb. at a bodyweight of under 250 lb. He was 45 years old at the time, had earned a Phd,and was a university professor. Hence the name, Dr. Squat. He was a living example of scholarship translated into performance.

Below is a short bio I got off of Wikipedia:

Frederick C. Hatfield (October 21, 1942 – May 14, 2017), nicknamed Dr. Squat, was an American world champion powerlifter and PhD holder in sports sciences and gaming.[3] He was also the co-founder and president of the International Sports Sciences Association,[4] an organization of fitness experts which certifies personal fitness trainers from around the world. He went on to make the ICOPRO bodybuilding protein and supplements for Vince McMahon's World Bodybuilding Federation and even after the promotion folded, Vince continued to market the product until 1995.
Hatfield was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts in 1942.[3] He was raised in a Connecticut orphanage until 1961, when he graduated from Cromwell High School. He served in the United States Marine Corps until 1964, when he enrolled in Southern Connecticut State University.
Upon graduating, Hatfield earned his Bachelor of Science degree in health, physical education and recreation.[3] He then attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he earned his Master's degree in the social sciences of sport. He went on to earn his PhD in psychology, sociology and motor learning from Temple University in Philadelphia.
Hatfield held positions at Newark State College, Bowie State University, and the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He taught undergraduate students, and conducted research in sport psychology. He has written over 60 books, some of them best-sellers.[5]
As a powerlifter, Hatfield won 2 IPF World Powerlifting Championships titles in 1983 and 1986.[4] At the age of 45, he set a squat world record by lifting 1014 pounds in the 100 kg weight class, becoming the first person to squat more than 1000lbs.[5]
Personal Records[6]
Squat     1014 pounds
Bench    523 pounds
Deadlift 766 pounds
Snatch   275 pounds

Clean and Jerk    369 pounds
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In his later years.

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