Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dead Ideas?

Following is an article by Vern Gambetta, a performance coach whose career has spanned several decades. He has certainly seen a lot of trends come and go and knows how to cut through the BS. I like his list and will add a few of my own in Red.
"Do you ever wonder why we keep teaching and following certain things, never questioning them? This tyranny of dead ideas stifles innovation and holds us back in training and performance. It seems generation after generation fall prey to this and keep repeating the mistakes of the previous generation. Imitation is not innovation. We have to be willing to let go off of cherished beliefs that do not work and in many cases are counter productive. Here are a few dead ideas that I see day to day in my work:
-Necessity of an aerobic base for anaerobic, start stop intermittent sprint and transition game sports

I still remember the 4 mile runs I did to "get into shape" for high school football. It was very difficult and painful, so our coaches knew it must be good for us. No wonder we made up for our lack of size by being slow. lol
-Icing a healthy limb after exercise

Never done that one...-The traditional model of Periodization – volume to intensity, with a long period of general preparation to build a base
I agree. For an explosive single attempt sport like throwing or lifting early high volume doesn't do much for the final results.
-In the 400 meter relay the use of the down sweep pass
We've dropped enough batons to know something needs to change.-Using heart rate zones to dictate training intensity
You mean cardio vascular intensity and neuromuscular intensity are different? lol-Lactate as the cause for fatigue and soreness
In the 70's we knew that lactic acid build up was the enemy and needed to be defeated.
-Jogging to warm-up

I call jogging slow practice. It is the best way to develop slow athletes.-Static stretching to warm-up
You mean we really have to move to prepare to move?
-Training to failure
When is failure is ever a desired outcome? Failure is not an option, right?There are many more. I would love to hear from you on the dead ideas you encounter in your work."
Here are a few of mine:
-Printing off training programs on a computer with the number of sets, reps, and weights and passing them out to everyone in the weightroom.
-Trying to train on an unstable surface (stability ball, balance board...etc.) in preparation for an event that takes place on a stable surface with an unstable opponent or implement. (football, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, throwing.....and etc.)
-Thinking that you have learned all there is to learn. "I know what I am doing, don't confuse me with facts."
-Coaches who talk the talk, but never walked the walk. Like my venerable Father says, "If you know so much about training, then why are you so damn fat???"
What are some of yours?

Is the split snatch a dead idea? Not if you can do it like Norbert Schemansky!!!

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