Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Old School?

A rare shot of the lineup of heavyweight winners at the 1938 World Weightlifting Championships held in Vienna (Which was then a part of Germany.) From left to right Josef Manger of Germany (410 kg. total), Steve Stanko of the United States (397.5 kg. total) and Arnold Luhaar of Estonia (390 kg. total).

Below is a very interesting video segment. It is taken from a Polish weight lifting video that is over an hour long. Other segments can be viewed on Youtube. Back in the 80's the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Assoc.) offered this in VHS format. I have a copy and have watched it and used it to teach many times over the years. It just proves that whatever is touted as "new", was undoubtedly done somewhere before by someone. It also shows the nearly infinite variety of movements that can be implemented in one's training over time. For throwers, especially, I believe that there is no reason to get into a training rut. While there are certain basics that should be included in a sound program, there are many variations that are limited only by lack of creativity. In this segment pulling exercises from various heights and starting points are illustrated along with eccentrics and many overhead variations as well. I also really like the combination lifts such as clean, front squat, and jerk. These types of combinations are great for conditioning and technique development, especially in the off-season. Good stuff and never "old fashioned."

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