Tuesday, August 1, 2017


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Merely watching ourselves lift is not necessarily making us better.

A great concise explanation of howto effectively use technology to improve lifting technique. Today when it is so easy to record and watch our lifts, it is important to understand how to make this effective.

For several years now the technology has evolved faster than the accompanying etiquette or social response.  As an example, not too long ago hardly anyone owned a cell phone that could be brought to a public gathering, and thus there were no interfering rings taking place.  Nowadays it is not uncommon for the audience to be admonished to mute their phones at plays so as not to disturb other members.  Technology can begat the wrong behavior if not monitored.
For the last few years I’ve been watching more and more lifters using their phones to video record their lifts largely because it is so easy to do so.  What is important, however, is the accompanying behavior.  If you’re recording your lifts because you’re an archivist or a narcissist that’s one thing.  More power to you. 
If you’re recording them so that you can improve your lifting, then you need to view each video after the actual lift and try to associate how your body felt as the video provides you with visual feedback.  You need to learn to associate the feeling with the visual so that eventually you won’t need the visual.  It is at that point that you are on the pathway to developing the body awareness needed to be an athlete.  If you don’t try to make that association then you are just watching a chronicle of your life.  That is not developing athleticism. 

-Robert Takano

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