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 Video of the Week:

Pat Mendes: 207kg Snatch - Unofficial Jr World Record

Last month we posted an article about John Broz and his training philosophy (http://www.haskestrength.com/2011_06_01_archive.html). Although his athletes have produced some amazing YouTube videos, many are still waiting to see these feats performed in a sanctioned weightlifting meet. Below is one of Broz's athletes, Pat Mendes, snatching an amazing 207kg as just a young 20 year old. If this feat of power is ever performed in a sanctioned weightlifting meet, this would become a new American record in the snatch and a huge step forward in returning American Weightlifting to prominence on an international stage. So for those of you who are waiting to see this happen, this weekend will be your chance as Pat Mendes will be competing in the US National Weightlifting Championships in  Council Bluffs, Iowa (July 15, 2011 to July 17, 2011). We wish him well this weekend as he performs and hope to see many American records fall in the future.




Some of our Personal Achievements:

Leif's PR of 19.92 (65') and winning throw at the 2011 NCAA Indoor National Meet

Oliver's PR throw in the hammer of 65.16 (213')

Oliver throw's 64.09 (210')

Oliver front squats 240 kg

Leif's Throwing PR's (Discus, Shot-put, Hammer)

Oliver BN Jerks 200 kg

Leif snatches 120 kg in 09 (PR is 125 kg)

Oliver close grip snatches in training

Leif throws season best 62.42 Vaxjo, Sweden

Recent Training Videos:

June 3, 2011- Leif BN Jerks 160 kg for fun

June 18,2011- Leif Discus Practice